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Quality hosting in Europe

  Fast and reliable hosting in Europe        
Fast and reliable hosting in Europe

HQ Blog


  • Trafic - 50 Gb
  • Disc space - 3 Gb
  • PHP Memory Limit - 128 Mb
  • Quantity of websites - 3
  • Count e-mail - 3

HQ Standard


  • Trafic - 100 Gb
  • Disc space - 5 Gb
  • PHP Memory Limit - 128 Mb
  • Quantity of websites - 10
  • Count e-mail - 10

HQ Pro


  • Trafic - 200 Gb
  • Disc space - 10 Gb
  • PHP Memory Limit - 256 Mb
  • Quantity of websites - 50
  • Count e-mail - 50

HQ Unlimited


  • Trafic - Неограниченный
  • Disc space - 20 Gb
  • PHP Memory Limit - 512 Mb
  • Сайты - Неограниченный
  • Count e-mail - Неограниченно

100% guarantee of fair price

 Качество сервиса в Барселоне

We have developed strict safety standards that regulate customer's data handling. You may be sure that all your data, content, data bases and other confidential information are protected.


Technical support 24х7х365

Our technical support service can solve all your problems promptly within the shortest time period and answer all your questions in any time.


Reliable maintenance

We use only server solutions Supermicro with processors Sandy Bridge E5-26xx family, which make our work more efficient, as servers for virtual hosting.


Advantageous location of data center

Data center is located 11 miles from New-York. It is located closely to European providers, located in New-York data centers and transatlantic providers. This fact ensures almost zero delaying in transition of data to Europe and European part of Russia.

In some cases we provide remote support to our customers.


VPS SSD - Hosting

SSD-VPS is the speed without borders


SSD standard


  • CPU - 2 Core
  • RAM - 2 Gb
  • Disc space - 20 Gb
  • Trafic (Gb) - 2000

SSD pro


  • CPU - 2 Core
  • RAM - 4 Gb
  • Disc space - 40 Gb
  • Trafic (Gb) - 3000

SSD elite


  • CPU - 4 Core
  • RAM - 8 Gb
  • Disc space - 80 Gb
  • Trafic (Gb) - 4000

SSD enterprise


  • CPU - 4 Core
  • RAM - 16 Gb
  • Disc space - 100 Gb
  • Trafic (Gb) - 5000
           VPS SSD - Хостинг

Instant installation

Your server will be set automatically in 5 minutes after payment of the order. Access data will be sent to Your registered e-mail.


Pricing plan flexibility

Do you feel lack of memory, processor and hard disk resources? There is no need in changing pricing plan. The only thing you need is just to add necessary resources to your VPS.


SSD-disk speed

The speed is the main benefit of SSD-disks. Therefore we use only SSD-disks Intel SSD 520 Series in all VPS servers. These SSD-disks speed-up input and output operations by ten times (comparing to conventional SAS and SATA media)


Payment delay

We guarantee 10 days for payment of invoices. You will receive all services without any limits within this period.



VPS hypervisors are placed at RAID10 arrays. This ensures trouble-free operation of the system even at disk level.


For prices of any other types of works call us or see section Contact Us

Turn-key development of websites

We can offer you new possibilities in the field of web-technologies. Hundreds of small and medium European companies and sole proprietors use our services.

Our main purpose is not only to create web-site but also suggest website owners how to get maximum profit from investments into their projects!

Contact use by telephone number + 1 (561) 929-3697

Website promotion

Pricing and promotion conditions are very complex process that includes detailed analysis of your website. If you want to promote you website efficiently, select search queries and fill the application so that our qualified specialists will be able to solve set task.

Contact use by telephone number + 1 (561) 929-3697


This page is developed specially for promotion of the goods, services and brands. The main purpose of this page is a hard sell that promotes your company. PromoPage is a list of offered goods and services in the form of booklet.

It an excellent solution for promoting definite types of goods, services and building image of your company in general.

Contact use by telephone number + 1 (561) 929-3697

Costs of our services

The cost of the services of our team is conditioned by complexity of tasks and time for their solution. Pricing usually depends on specialists' qualification. High-quality work will not require additional costs for additional improvements. As a rule, customers do not consider optimization and promotion of the website while placing orders. However, the optimization can be included into website development. Contact use in order to receive consolations (within reasonable bounds).

Contact use by telephone number + 1 (561) 929-3697

Administration and server monitoring