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Administration of servers


Server administration, sever installation and setting, hosting

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Server monitoring

Information system requires continuous monitoring. System components used to fail and software error often occur. This results in website downtime and loss of loyalty among visitors and partners.

Server visualization

Server visualization can solve two issues simultaneously: reduction of server farm costs while ensuring high accessibility and quick recovery of server failure.

Backup copies

Storage of backup copies is a guarantee of the reliability in our web- focused approach. However, backup copies should be stored wisely in order to prevent their loss together with main data. We are able to ensure proper storage of Your data.

Order server administration

Remote server administration

 server administration

This service allows access to the team of system administrators that are capable to solve almost all issues, associated with technical support of Your servers within short-time period. This service saves your money and time.


We can solve the following issues:

System administration of the server by the team of specialists will save Your costs and ensure reliable and trouble-free operation of the server. The specific feature of our administration services is that customer always knows what he/she pays for. If you use our services, you will not have to take care of the server and its condition. Our specialists will take care of its safety, software update, server load control, high accessibility and other aspects.

Server administration service:


Technical support for hosting server in Barcelona, Spain


Internal optimization

Each landing page is optimized for definite group of queries.

External optimization

With our company Your project will have hashtags from trust resources.

Unique content

It's not a secret that promotional success depends on correctly written texts.